6 months later, the under-screen camera can fall below 2000 yuan, the reason is this

Eldred SEP 02,2021

Defects are a kind of beauty, but people always pursue perfection, whether it is a bangs screen or shaped screen, there are always some "defects", people still want a complete screen. And people have also made attempts, many brands have previously launched lift front camera products, the front camera on the mechanical structure, to solve the problem of the integrity of the screen. But due to the cost, thickness, weight and other aspects of the impact, lift camera short-lived.

Today, we ushered in a new form for solving the problem of the front camera to give users a complete screen, that is, under-screen camera phones, ZTE, Xiaomi, Samsung have launched related products, but also brought a better screen effect, so that this type of technology to bring consumers a better experience. However, the current products with under-screen cameras, the price is still relatively high, but in the future, we will be able to enjoy under-screen fingerprint camera products on low-cost products. This is mainly because of three reasons.

The first is that with the gradual maturity of the technology, the related screen panel yield rate continues to improve, making the cost of the panel down, which is also known as the under-screen camera products will gradually down the reason. Just like the previous under-screen fingerprint recognition, when the technology continues to mature, the devolution of the function is an inevitability, the user just need to wait for the technology to mature.

Not to mention, at present, in the under-screen camera panel, the domestic panel manufacturers are at the forefront of the industry, which brings more cost advantages for cell phone brands. The speed of technology development can be relatively faster, and consumers will enjoy the new technology faster.

Although the current under-screen camera products, are trying their best to balance the display effect and the front camera photo effect, but due to the current materials, technology shows that under-screen camera products, in terms of camera image quality, still difficult to "compete" with the products of shaped screen. Xiaomi China, the president of the international department, Redmi brand general manager Lu Weibing also said on the social network, care about the front camera photo effect, or choose a better hole-screen products.

This means that in terms of front-facing cameras, products with under-screen camera solutions are still a weak point. For the positioning of the product, low-cost products, cost-effective products more suitable for this type of program, some of the performance products on the market, in the image system performance is moderate, but if you change the under-screen camera solution, can bring a more immersive gaming experience, I believe that many partners will be willing to buy.

Due to the current problems with materials and technology, it is difficult for front under-screen camera products to compete with shaped screen products. In the future, the technology may be difficult to see on the regular flagship products. Just like the previous elevated camera products, although in the thousand dollar products will also be equipped, but in the regular flagship products, or will rarely see such a design.

This is mainly due to the fact that when consumers buy a regular flagship product, they want it to be a balanced product with no shortcomings in all aspects, unlike the current Xiaomi MIX series that emphasizes design and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series that emphasizes folding screens. Breakthrough, in the picture quality is at a disadvantage, and does not bring a balanced experience. It is believed that consumers would prefer to experience this technology on low-cost products.

Currently, there are four under-screen camera products available on the market, namely ZTE Axon 20, ZTE Axon30, Xiaomi MIX4 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3.

As you can see, the current price of these products are relatively high, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 has not yet announced the price, but from the positioning of the price of more than 10,000 is certain.

As mentioned earlier, when the technology continues to mature, the devolution of functions is an inevitability. I believe that soon we will be able to buy less than 2,000 yuan under the screen camera products, just as the previous lift camera products, will be the flagship continued to explore the final less than 2,000 yuan can be bought.

However, technological development is always a good thing, the launch of under-screen camera products, let us see us from the science fiction works of concept machine further. The under-screen camera brings a more complete screen experience, is it your cup of tea?