Adding to the cause of new energy Huawei another intelligent car technology patent public

Berg SEP 02,2021

Zhongguancun Online News.

The following is the summary of the patent publication report of the State Intellectual Property Office: "This application provides a method, device, terminal equipment and vehicle for multi-screen interaction, which relates to the field of intelligent vehicle technology. The application, after detecting a specific gesture included in the image captured by the camera, converts the content displayed on the first display at this time into a sub-image, and displays on the first display the logos of other displays that can display the sub-image and the orientation information relative to the first display, and the user can intuitively see the direction of movement of the subsequent gesture, and then determines the second marker display according to the direction of movement of the specific gesture, and controls the sub-image on the first display with the movement of the specific gesture, and when the distance of the specific gesture movement is monitored to be greater than a set threshold, the sub-image is moved to the second display, thus realizing the multi-screen interaction function."

Previously, Changan joined Huawei and Ningde Times to launch its high-end intelligent electric mid-size SUV "Avita". This time, Huawei and Changan are partners to promote the new energy development of traditional car companies. Huawei will rely on its decades of ICT (information and communication technology) capabilities to provide assistance to car companies. Now another Huawei patent in the field of smart cars has come out, and I believe that under the leadership of Huawei, China's smart car industry can get better and better.