From the user's point of view to create an industry benchmark Glory privacy protection and security technology white paper released

Clay SEP 02,2021

Along with the rapid development of China's mobile Internet, smart phones have long become the personal data center of most domestic users, and a large amount of personal privacy data is stored and transmitted via smart phones every day, so the issue of smart phone privacy and security protection has increasingly become a topic that cannot be ignored in our daily lives, but many ordinary users are currently lacking knowledge about smart phone privacy and security. However, many ordinary users lack knowledge of smartphone privacy security.

On September 1, 2021, Glory officially released the "Glory Privacy Protection and Security Technology White Paper", announcing that Glory adheres to the concept of "technology is the way, privacy is the first", and builds a strict privacy management system in all dimensions by virtue of its leadership in privacy security technology, which can bring users a safe and reliable intelligent terminal It can bring users a safe and reliable experience of using intelligent terminals. The following will be combined with some of Honor's efforts in privacy protection, to bring you together to understand the current cell phone privacy security related content.

perfect the underlying construction of the privacy protection process

Users who have some knowledge of computer security are generally aware that the security of the underlying system for a computer system is crucial to the security of the entire system. For example, a castle, although its walls have a heavy military deployment, but under the walls but the lack of barriers, resulting in intruders can easily break through the entire castle defense from underground.

This is also true for the smartphone system, for example, a cell phone system known for its security has been exposed to the case of the entire cell phone system being breached due to the underlying vulnerability of a communication function. Therefore, Glority has taken into account the importance of the underlying security of the system when constructing the cell phone privacy protection and security system, and the concept of cell phone privacy protection has been implemented throughout the entire system design process.

Full-cycle protection of personal data

Glory's latest flagship model, the Glory Magic3 series, is equipped with a dual TEE system of "main chip manufacturer TEE" + "Glory HTEE", of which HTEE is independently developed by Glory, embedded in the formal verification of the microkernel, with a trusted UI. The combination of HTEE + Qualcomm TEE builds a high security business isolation ecosystem to support the rapid expansion of domestic financial payment and identification business.

Dual TEE system

From this double insurance privacy protection system design can be found, glory not only in the system and application level for the consumer's daily use of the application scenario for the corresponding privacy protection optimization, but also in the hardware level to create a set of underlying security system. Through the double TEE system to achieve the construction of security measures from the inside to the outside, can effectively ensure that data is not malicious overwritten or tampered with, to provide a credible execution environment, in the "application security", "data security", " system security", "privacy protection", "hardware security" and other dimensions to build the industry's leading terminal security infrastructure capabilities and user experience.

Solve user privacy pain points and build multiple privacy protection functions

In addition to building a privacy security system at the bottom, Glory also provides a number of privacy protection features at the application level, which can effectively help users solve the privacy pain points encountered in the process of daily use.

One of the major privacy pain points for users when using smartphones is the application permission management of APPs. In terms of the domestic mobile Internet environment, various third-party applications are the main channel for user privacy leaks, and users often feel overwhelmed by the dozens of permissions requested by APPs from time to time. In the latest Magic3 series of models, Magic 5.0 can provide you with minimal permission granting suggestions based on usage scenarios to match the functions of the app, and show you the privacy access records and privacy risk report of the app within seven days of using the app, analyze the privacy risk information and provide optimization suggestions.

Privacy risk report

Cell phone repair is a high incidence of user privacy leakage, and there are often incidents of user privacy leakage caused by cell phone repair. For this reason, Glory has developed the service repair mode function, when users have a fault to send for repair, they only need to open the repair mode on the phone, the repair staff will not be able to see the photos, videos, text messages, instant messengers, contacts, recordings, payment applications and mobile banking and other data in your phone to avoid privacy information leakage.

Service repair mode

Users often find in the daily use of cell phones, regardless of whether the application needs positioning permission its basic will request positioning permission for some light functions. For this reason, the Honor Magic 3 series is equipped with a fuzzy positioning function to avoid the user's geographic location being continuously tracked by APP service providers. After the user opens this function, the system will blur the data returned by the location service. APPs that do not require high location accuracy provide approximate location according to the accuracy of 1 square kilometer. This function can be used in weather and dating applications.

Fuzzy location function

Five privacy protection principles Internationalized privacy management system

In recent years, domestic users' awareness of privacy protection has developed rapidly, and more and more users have started to pay attention to their own privacy protection and put forward corresponding demands. In order to better protect consumer privacy and security, in the white paper of Gloria's privacy protection and security technology, Gloria proposed "minimization", "transparent and controllable", "end-side processing", "identity anonymity" and "privacy management system". The five principles of "identity anonymity" and "security protection". And based on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "APP collection and use of personal information to minimize the necessary assessment norms", and guide consumers to actively use the phone's privacy protection function to protect their own privacy data security.

Five privacy protection principles

In the establishment of a comprehensive smartphone privacy protection system, Glory is also actively aligned with international privacy protection concepts and domestic privacy protection standards. It has obtained the ISO/IEC 27701 privacy information management system certification issued by BSI, and also cooperated with "National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee", "Network Information Office", "Global Mobile Communication System Association", "BSI" and "BSI". ", "BSI" and other organizations to build a full-dimensional privacy security ecology.

International authoritative certification


From the analysis of the current trend of the development of the domestic mobile Internet industry, it is clear that privacy protection has increasingly become the focus of attention in the industry, to create a reliable, credible and compliant privacy protection system has become a major cell phone manufacturers can not ignore the problem, from the content published in the "Glory privacy protection and security technology white paper" can be seen Glory is committed to creating such a complete The privacy protection system, to bring users a safe and reliable smartphone experience.

From the consumer's point of view, Glory's current initiatives in privacy protection can well help users solve the privacy pain points faced in daily use, help users understand the way their information is used, minimize the degree of leakage of personal information, and effectively help consumers reduce the risk of privacy leakage.