Fruit fans do not deceive themselves iPhone13 screen can expect only color?

Ivan SEP 02,2021

        iPhone13 will soon be released, this time it is said that Apple will finally give the iPhone screen on the high refresh rate, but this is only a rumor, whether it can be achieved is not easy to say. Compared to the Android camp screen, iPhone's only advantage is the screen quality is still good, the color performance is called excellent, but to say that the technical innovation, iPhone screen can always be a drag.

High refresh rate iPhone13 finally matched?

        Since we are talking about the high refresh rate, let's talk about it. 90Hz is the starting price, and 120Hz is not a rare configuration. There may be some fruit fans to say, what is the use of high brush ah? Now more and more users are playing games with their phones, high brush is definitely not a function in vain, otherwise there would not be so many rumors that iPhone 13 will be configured with high refresh rate.

        The high brush is actually an option for users. Now the high brush can choose to open or close, if the user does not want more power consumption, you can choose to close the high brush function. This will enable the high refresh rate to be activated only when the game or say a movie, this freedom is given to the user, apparently the iPhone screen does not do well enough on this point. In fact, it is configured with a high brush, which is not a new feature, after all, are the Android camp "play left", not quite worth looking forward to.

under the screen camera is not an option for iPhone

        The under-screen camera is the hot spot this year, from various news, iPhone 13 is apparently ready to continue to retain their bangs design, may be the next generation of products to replace this feature. How to achieve a true full-screen? The under-screen camera can be said to be a very important step, which is the same as LCD screens being replaced by OLED screens, a major trend in technology. Although the iPhone is not equipped with such technology, but the future will certainly keep up with the trend.

        Of course, there will always be fans to Apple's defense, that the under-screen camera is not too mature, and now on the horse does not seem to be wise. But the iPhone is currently one of the most expensive smartphones, it should lead the industry in technological innovation, rather than playing the "security card" as it is now.

        In fact, in the end, Apple is not really for stability and second best, which is a big reason is also profit. Mature technology is more profitable, you do not see Cook's ten years in office, Apple's profits continue to go up? And the abandonment of under-screen camera technology, saving money is a big reason.

under-screen fingerprint recognition does not match very unfortunately

        Finally, the under-screen fingerprint recognition function, I have to say that Apple does not match this function is backward, there must be fruit fans are not happy. Objectively speaking, facial recognition and fingerprint recognition can not say which is better, but facial recognition has a problem, that is, you have to hold the phone up to face your face.

        If the phone is on the table and you don't want to pick it up, with fingerprint recognition, you can open the screen and see the information as soon as you put your finger on it, while with facial recognition you have to pick up the phone to operate it. Although neither will waste much time, but there is no doubt that the choice to the consumer is still the best.

        In fact, now the under-screen fingerprint recognition program is very mature, Apple if you want to achieve such a function is also very easy, but the iPhone 13 is not expected to have this configuration, I think it is quite a pity.

        As for the now hot mini LED backlight technology and micro LED display technology, iPhone13 is not news to configure, I believe that after the release of the new product, in these two areas is difficult to stimulate the performance of fans happy. iPhone screen is the advantage of procurement, with its high sales and fame, has a very high bargaining power, so you can purchase quality The iPhone screen is not the most avant-garde compared to the competition, but the overall quality has always been good, what will be the performance of the iPhone 13 this time? What can be expected is also the color performance.