Huawei users must know these "life-saving" features

Grover SEP 02,2021

In recent years, Huawei has been making great efforts in the cell phone business segment, plus leading the tide of 5G, so in the huge cell phone market, Huawei occupies a very high market share. With the increasing number of users, Huawei cell phones are also enriching their software in order to meet the needs of different users. Many people are only exposed to the most frequently used regular functions in their daily lives, and even less to deeper research. Next, I will introduce a few Huawei practical tips, the critical moment may "save" your life.

Hide photo album

Usually, the photo album in the phone is the last thing you want outsiders to touch, and the album may store a lot of very precious photos that you don't want to delete, and these photos don't want outsiders to see. This is, belong to the Huawei user's welfare is coming, when someone wants to look through your phone, you can open the Huawei phone "hidden album" function, you think the precious photos "hidden", if you learn to come home no longer have to worry about the wife check phone.

File Locker

Hide pictures is only the basic function of Huawei, next teach you to learn the file cabinet. The literal meaning of the file safe cabinet is to hide the important files in your phone, it can be pictures, audio, video, documents for encryption hidden.

Of course, the operation method is also very simple, find the confidential cabinet before opening the password settings, after the completion of the settings you want to hide the file moved into the confidential cabinet. In the future, to see this document, you must pass the password or fingerprint, otherwise there is no permission to view. As the saying goes, "boys should protect themselves when they go out".

Privacy space

If you want to lend your phone to a friend and want to keep the information in your phone and not be seen by others. The "Privacy Space" feature can solve your concerns. After you turn it on, you can store your private information in the privacy space as if it was stored in another phone, and no one will find it at all.

Privacy space open method: click [Settings] - [Security and Privacy] - [Privacy space] - [Open], then according to the interface prompts, set a good lock screen password for the privacy space can be.

Application splitting

Huawei users' welfare is coming, usually a phone can only install a WeChat and QQ, but with the work needs of many people will have two WeChat signals, one for family and another for work, so that life and work can be perfectly separated, one inside the relatives, classmates, friends; the other is mainly the company colleagues, company customers.

Huawei phone has a pre-installed application split function that allows you to run 2 WeChat and 2 QQ at the same time on the same Huawei phone, so that we can use the family WeChat and work WeChat on the same phone. Open the settings of Huawei phone, then open "Applications", then click to open "Application Split", then click to open the application split of WeChat and QQ, and you are done.

Accessing App Lock

There are always some contents in mobile apps that you don't want others to open or see. In many special cases, we have to lend our phones to others, and then the application lock of a certain application can "lock" the specified application to prevent the phone from peeking at privacy during the brief lending process.

Search for access to the application lock in Huawei phone settings, complete the initial settings and lock the application you want to lock, then you can maximize the security of your privacy.

Removing corner markers

As the phone becomes more and more powerful, and with it more and more software installed, you will often see the little red dots on the desktop for message alerts, which is really disturbing for OCD users, and you have to click them off before you can stop. But if this has been a lot of trouble, so you can enter the desktop settings, search for the desktop icon corner will be closed, from then on no longer have to worry about the appearance of the red corner.

As the mobile digital age develops faster and faster, cell phones are not only limited to receiving calls, so how to protect our personal privacy from being leaked has become the most important concern of the moment, learn the above points, only the privacy leak in the cradle, in order to better protect themselves.