iPhone 13 will be released in September, the new phone has "thirteen incense"?

Devin SEP 02,2021

On October 13, 2020, Apple released the iPhone 12 series of cell phones, but this time, in addition to the iPhone for the first time with the 5G network, there does not seem to be any particularly bright upgrade. The iPhone 12 was released on October 12, 2020. This year, the iPhone 13 release date is getting closer and closer, the Internet has almost been the iPhone 13 "intact". On the exposure of information so far, let's take a closer look at the iPhone 13 in the end where the "thirteen fragrance"?

According to foreign media sources, Apple will equip the iPhone 13 series with the new D-ToF technology, which can effectively reduce the size of the 3D structured light sensor module, and the use of a new "hidden" earpiece solution, the earpiece moved to the top of the screen, to make more space for Face ID components, and finally get The "small bangs" full-screen.

According to Twitter Apple breaking news god Jon Prosser broke the news that Apple is currently testing the new Face ID on iPhone 12 devices internally by using a protective sleeve that can bypass the iPhone 12 built-in Face ID system, thus using the new Face ID on the protective sleeve to unlock the phone's speed measurement. It is understood that the test is mainly to speed test the user in the case of wearing a mask, glasses, iPhone unlocking ability. It can be seen that the new Face ID for the current global epidemic, to make the corresponding upgrade.

Although Apple upgraded in iOS 14.5 version can be unlocked iPhone by Apple Watch, but there are still many users did not buy Apple Watch, and Apple Watch is not able to Face ID verification when the user pays, so this Face ID upgrade can be said to solve the full-screen The Face ID upgrade can be said to solve a major pain point on the iPhone.

In May 2019, one plus released one plus 7 Pro phone, for the first time on the phone screen with a high brush screen, the cell phone world then set off a high brush storm, no matter which brand, are launching their own brand of high brush phone, high brush phone storm swept the world.

In 2020, the high brush screen has become popular in almost every major cell phone brand around the world, and even some brands of thousand dollar machines are using the high brush screen. Just when people expect the iPhone 12 to use the high brush screen, Cook let the world's fruit fans disappointed, the iPhone 12 series of the whole series are used 60Hz screen refresh rate.

iPad Pro supports 120Hz refresh rate

However, according to the news, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will join the ranks of high refresh rate for the first time, with 120Hz high refresh rate display, and will use Pro Motion technology, support dynamic adjustment in the range of 24-120Hz, significantly reducing the high brush brought about by the shortage of battery life.

The iPhone 12 is not equipped with high brush technology, according to professional analysis, the most direct reason is that if the iPhone 12 with a high brush, then the battery life will be very crotch. Android camp now easily 5000 + mA of large battery, so that iPhone users envy.

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro battery disassembly

According to the relevant website, the lithium battery models A2653, A2656 and A2660 have passed China's 3C mandatory certification, with rated capacities of 4352mAh, 3095mAh and 2406mAh respectively. iPhone 13 mini's battery models. Although the capacity is still not enough compared to Android phones, but compared to previous generations of iPhone, this battery capacity upgrade can be said to be "full of sincerity".

In addition to the battery, charging power iPhone is also "biased students", the flagship of the Android camp are basically using 100w fast charging technology, and even some have used the power of 120w, basically you can do early morning charge a while, the battery with a day of state.

Apple's official website iPhone 12 series of 20w fast charging head

The iPhone camp, last year in the iPhone 12 series, Apple began to be equipped with 18w data line, and because of the "environmental protection" does not come with a charging head, which led to many iPhone users are still using the safe "ancestral" 5V1A charger. According to Apple's internal publicity channels, the iPhone 13 will be upgraded to 25w charging specifications, compared to the iPhone 12 series, the power increased by 25%, but in accordance with Apple's environmental protection concept, the charger still needs to be purchased separately.

As early as the iPhone 11 series, Apple has laid the groundwork for "reverse charging", just one version of the upgrade iPhone 11 and 12 series can be achieved to reverse charge the device. But the conversion rate of wireless charging is about 70%, that is to say, to reverse charge a 1000 mAh device, it may need to consume about 1400 mAh of power, which for the battery capacity of the iPhone is not rich, can be said to add insult to injury.

Charging head network disassembly iPhone 11 Pro Max charging coil

But according to reliable sources, due to the use of high-capacity batteries, the iPhone 13 series may use a larger coil to enhance the power of wireless charging and heat dissipation, and open up the function of reverse charging.

Apple's A-series processors have been leading the cell phone industry, according to internal sources, the A15 chip uses the second generation of the 5nm process, compared to the A14 chip, power consumption has been reduced, but performance is about 20% higher. In addition, the A15 chip integrates 11.8 billion transistors, an increase of nearly 40% compared to the number of A13, and the 6-core CPU design will also increase the speed by up to 60% or more.

According to media reports, the iPhone 13 series will use Qualcomm's 5G baseband, Snapdragon X60. Compared to the iPhone 12 series' X55 5G baseband, Snapdragon X60 has the advantage of improved performance and reduced power consumption, and may completely solve the iPhone's weak signal disadvantage today.

The most important feature of Wi-Fi 6E is that it supports the 6GHz band, which contains seven 160MHz channels, 14 80MHz channels, 29 40MHz channels, 60 20MHz channels, making WiFi transmission capability as well as the ability to use the X55 5G baseband. This makes the WiFi transmission capability and stability greatly improved.

Image from Qualcomm

According to Apple's supply chain, the iPhone 13 series will have an ultra-wide angle camera upgraded to f/1.8, and will include autofocus, additional portrait background bokeh in video mode, and a higher quality ProRes video recording feature. This could be a boon for video practitioners who use the iPhone as a productivity tool. For ordinary users, they may care more about the face value of the new camera. According to the leaked images from the foundry, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini will have a "diagonal" arrangement of lenses, while the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a bath triple camera module. The overall thickness of the camera module is also thickened accordingly. iPhone 13 series is about 7.57mm thick, compared to 7.4mm thickness of iPhone 12 series, an increase of 0.17mm.

Thanks to the powerful optimization capabilities of iOS, the iPhone is also using up to 6G of operating memory. Although the 6G memory operation has been quite silky smooth, but compared to the Android phone often 16G running memory, still seems a bit stretched. But according to foreign media reports, this year's iPhone 13 Pro series of two new machines may be launched to support up to 8G memory, 1T memory version. For those who have a need for memory, you can look forward to it.

According to sources, this year's iPhone 13 series may be launched in two new colorways, and there are corresponding renders out, the two colorways are pink and gold. From the renders, the pink color scheme is bound to win the hearts of a large number of young boys and girls; the launch of another version of gold makes people recall when the iPhone 5S "earthy gold" successfully led the industry color trend.

In contrast to the Android flagships that are now readily available from 4999, I don't know when the iPhone has been tagged with cost effectiveness. From iPhone XR forever god to iPhone 11 too fragrant, iPhone seems to pay more and more attention to the low-end market, so much so that a series of lower-priced iPhones such as iPhone 12 mini and iPhone SE2 have been launched one after another, but it seems that consumers are more willing to pay for iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

According to analysts, this year's iPhone 13 series is still four models, respectively iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, in terms of price compared to the iPhone 12 series, there will not be much change. According to the exposure news, the iPhone 13 price is about $700, about RMB 4,477, the national version plus some necessary taxes, will probably be about 5,000 yuan, if the iPhone 13 series will really be sold at this price, then you can really say a word: iPhone 13 really smells good!

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