iQOO 8 review: a professional gaming flagship for gamers

Joseph SEP 02,2021

When it comes to the iQOO brand, the early impression is still mostly gaming, gaming attributes, the addition of many black technology, product power upgrades are also around the gaming experience, but today we look back at the iQOO 8 series, we will find that this is already a proper bucket of machine category, especially the "mega cup" of iQOO 8 Pro, giving people the strongest feeling.

The emergence of iQOO 8 Pro can be said to raise consumer expectations for the top flagship, but I believe there are many users may be more concerned about iQOO 8 this product, after all, the latter in price to have the advantage of much, and also as a top flagship, in all aspects of the configuration has reached a good level, especially in the performance of the game, deeply loved by many players. So iQOO 8 in the end how it is, this issue brings you iQOO 8 hands-on review, take a look!

1. Appearance.

iQOO 8 has three colorways, respectively, the Legendary Edition, Yew and Burn. This time we got our hands on the "Yew" version, the back of the body in black, the bottom layer of the dense track texture, under the shine of the full sense of hierarchy, but also some cool, biting sense of power, which is complementary to the identity of iQOO 8 gaming flagship.

In addition to the value of online, iQOO 8 back case is also very delicate and smooth touch, the back cover with a fine frosted finish, significantly improve the feel and solve the problem of fingerprint staining, even without a protective case does not affect the aesthetic.

It is worth mentioning that the iQOO 8 (Yew) has a particularly good grip, on the one hand, it feels delicate and skin-friendly; on the other hand, due to the thin body, the thickness is only 8.63mm, the slim middle frame and slightly curved rear shell fits the palm of the hand, and is still very comfortable to hold in one hand.

iQOO 8 frame is metal, fine workmanship, and the screen and rear shell fit very tightly, the whole machine texture has also been a good improvement.

Screen, iQOO 8 equipped with a 6.56-inch 1080P AMOLED screen, supports up to 120Hz refresh rate, and up to 6 million to 1 screen contrast ratio, and supports 1 billion color display, excellent overall quality.

In addition, because it is for people who like gaming, so the iQOO 8 screen also uses the player's favorite straight screen design, straight screen field of view is larger, but also to reduce the chance of accidental touch, with 120Hz refresh rate of high smooth viewing, play games simply too fast!

2, performance

For a gaming flagship, performance is always the first, after all, even the performance is not enough, and talk about what smooth experience! The good thing is, for iQOO, the last thing you need to worry about is performance.

iQOO 8 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship chip, this processor is familiar to everyone, the main frequency reached 2.84GHz, and integrated Adreno 660 GPU, graphics performance is outstanding, basically can handle any of the mobile games on the market. In addition to this flagship core, iQOO 8 is also equipped with UFS3.1 flash memory and LPDDR5 memory, in the "performance triangle" with the cooperation of the full force of the iQOO 8 also supports the top performance experience.

In terms of scores, iQOO 8 scored 820,000+ and 5783 in Rabbit and 3D Mark respectively, and also achieved a good score of 1126 single-core and 3466 multi-core in GeekBench 5. Just from the score, iQOO 8 is still in the first echelon of flagship models, such results mean that iQOO 8 will be a real performance monster, enough to bring a stable and smooth gaming experience.

To verify the iQOO 8's gaming performance, we also selected a few popular handheld games for testing and recorded the iQOO 8's frame rate changes through the testing software PerDog.

"King of Glory" image quality settings
"King of Glory" real time frame rate

For the first game, we chose "Glory of Kings" with ultra-high resolution, extreme image quality and super high frame rate. During 30 minutes of gameplay, you can see that the frame rate of iQOO 8 is basically stable at 90fps, and there is no lag or frame drop throughout the game, and it can also maintain high frame rate for a long time in some intense group battle situations.

Peaceful Elite's image quality settings
Real-time frame rate of "Elite Peace

In Peaceful Elite, despite the fact that this game requires a higher configuration than King's Quest, it clearly did not put too much pressure on iQOO 8. With smooth picture quality and 90fps mode on, the iQOO 8 can also maintain a stable frame rate throughout the game without dropping frames, so it's still easy to play chicken.

It is important to note that iQOO 8 is also equipped with a unique graphics chip, through the frame insertion technology also brings a more stable and smooth frame rate experience. From the actual test, the same "Peaceful Elite" 90fps display, when we turn on the frame interpolation function, the game frame rate curve will indeed be smoother, less lag.

frame rate comparison with frame insertion function on/off

Generally speaking, in high-load scenarios, the SoC takes on a very heavy rendering task, and the higher the image quality and frame rate of the game, the greater the challenge for the chip, which may be accompanied by heat, fast power consumption, frame drops, etc.

The unique graphics chip can help the SoC share part of the pressure, in maintaining a high frame rate at the same time, the SoC needs to bear the amount of rendering reduced, also to achieve control of power consumption, so that iQOO 8 in the game when the heat is lower, but also more power saving. It can be said that the addition of a unique graphics chip has helped iQOO 8 to gain more performance improvements.

3, Gaming

Of course, if only to simply performance competition, this is indeed still too small iQOO 8, iQOO 8 really worthy of praise is also a comprehensive gaming experience on the progress.

Players are very concerned about the immersion of the game, and the phone can do is to create a "visual, audio and touch" three-dimensional full-sensory operating atmosphere for players, which is precisely what iQOO 8 is best at.

First of all, in the "view" above, iQOO 8 not only has a straight screen supporting 1 billion color display, 120Hz refresh rate, while with the role of professional-grade independent display chip, it also brings the display effect on the improvement. When turned on, the color saturation of the game screen will be improved, and the game screen becomes more vivid, helping players to find the enemies lurking more easily.

Game Visual Effects Enhancement

In addition, iQOO 8 also supports VRS variable resolution rendering technology, which can also bring players a stable and immersive gaming experience. In addition to the visual enhancements, iQOO 8 also supports dual off-screen pressure sensing + dual X-axis linear motors + stereo dual speakers.

In landscape, the iQOO 7 screen's left and right areas support pressure-sensitive functions, players re-press the screen pressure-sensitive area, you can trigger a command. Think of your own game when you encounter the enemy hand to find the embarrassing moment of the button, now you just need to press the screen can be, its role speaks for itself. In addition, iQOO 8 also supports horizontal screen left and right screen two fingers separately or together, the left and right areas of the screen were mapped two buttons, can achieve "two fingers into four fingers", so that players in the game control more quickly and easily.

Dual X-axis linear motors are located on the left and right sides of the body, in the combination of complex scenes, players can get real and timely feedback, the game vibration and player operation also has a stronger consistency, further enhancing the immersion of the game. It is worth mentioning that iQOO 8 also for the "glory of the king" in the more popular 30 heroes, are adapted to different full skill vibration, players can feel the accumulation of force, rotation, explosion and other different feelings.

In terms of speakers, iQOO 8 will be the traditional cell phone earpiece to ultra-linear large amplitude 1210 speakers, and the bottom of the ultra-linear speakers 1611 + BOX with the formation of three-dimensional dual-speaker design, to bring the surround sound effect, in the game, any wind and grass can be collected at the bottom of the "ear", to meet the player The "hear and recognize" demand, so that you can make some timely response, ready for the upcoming battle.

The full-sensory operating system opens up the boundaries of vision, hearing and touch, whether it's under-screen pressure-sensitive operation or dual speakers and dual linear motors, giving players an immersive feeling of "being one with the game character". And this is not just by stacking configuration to experience, and this is precisely the uniqueness of iQOO 8, through a more in-depth polishing of the "audio-visual touch" system, to bring players the iQOO unique gaming experience.

4, photography

In terms of imaging, iQOO 8 uses a three-camera rear camera solution, including a 48-megapixel Sony IMX598 main camera, which supports micro cloud stage, and a 13-megapixel ultra wide-angle lens and a 13-megapixel portrait lens.

Overall, the iQOO 8 rear image performance stays above the average of similar models, reaching a good level, and with the rich lens combination, it can also well meet everyone's daily shooting needs. Of course, because of time, we did not make a more detailed evaluation of the iQOO 8 image performance, if you are interested in this, you can pay attention to our subsequent more detailed iQOO 8 image part of the content.

5, charging

In terms of battery, iQOO 8 is equipped with a large 4350mAh battery, at room temperature, playing "Glory of Kings" (90 fps) an hour power consumption of about 10%, if it is a heavy hand game players, but also to meet the basic needs of a day a charge.

However, iQOO 8 still continues the previous generation of 120W ultra-fast flash charging, measured 5 minutes to charge 38%, 10 minutes can be charged into 60% of the power, 20 minutes will be able to fill all 4350mAh battery, this charging speed is really fast, especially for the daily mixed in the canyon and chicken battlefield game party, eat a meal of the phone will be fully charged, so powerful The "blood" speed basically satisfies the long time game life demand, simply for the game party tailor-made.

Lastly, I have something to say.

Although only a simple hands-on review, but we can still feel the iQOO 8 full of sincerity. This is a very suitable for gamers, gaming players to choose the performance of the flagship, the various pull full of configuration is enough to comfortably deal with the challenges of various games, and the addition of a unique display chip, dual-screen pressure sensing, dual speakers, dual X-axis linear motor and other configurations, but also iQOO 8 in the gaming experience to further enhance. Obviously, this is also a leading edge, a differentiated experience from traditional performance flagships, which makes iQOO 9 qualified to be the most professional gaming device in the hands of gamers.

In short, iQOO 8 is not the kind of "big and full" all-round flagship that iQOO 8 Pro pursues, but its performance in the gaming experience is worthy of all gamers' expectations. So, if you need a performance flagship that can guarantee the gaming experience while taking into account your daily life, then don't hesitate to use iQOO 8.