Let the speed have texture! Talk about the brainstorm and experience of iQOO designers

Chad SEP 02,2021

On February 12, 2019, iQOO Mobile was officially established. This young cell phone brand was established more than 2 years ago, the ultimate pursuit of speed and performance into the genes of the brand development, the products brought in addition to a more competitive hardware and software configuration, its design is everywhere iQOO cell phone on the profound exploration of the aesthetics of speed, which is more after iQOO cell phone and BMW M Motorsport reached a cooperation This is even more magnified after the cooperation between iQOO and BMW M Motorsport.

Recently, iQOO cell phone's digital flagship series ushered in the latest iteration, namely the newly released iQOO 8 series phones. In addition to better core hardware performance, video performance, display quality, the new phones continue the pursuit of speed aesthetics in the previous generation of models while incorporating the "brains" and experience of iQOO designers, giving speed a sense of quality. How do they do this? The next small just iQOO 8 Pro as an example to discuss with you.

Appearance: inherited racing aesthetics, breaking the boundaries of reality

First of all, take a look at the overall appearance of the iQOO 8 Pro Track Edition / Legend Edition design. In the iQOO 8 Pro, the designers wanted the phone to be not just a mobile communication device, but a racing car that sped around the track. The iQOO 8 Pro has been designed with more racing elements in mind, allowing consumers to experience the ultimate speed of racing on the iQOO 8 Pro's body through this amazing experience between reality and virtual.

The 2K+E5+ OLED display on the front of the iQOO 8 Pro is supported by a new 3D curved design, which makes the front screen curve smoother and smoother, and the 2.6mm thick frame and curved phone back cover together form an elegant arc through the whole machine. Together with the racing waistline design on the top of the body, the overall body of iQOO 8 Pro is just like the extremely sophisticated aerodynamic design of the racing car body, both a sense of stability and a sense of movement.

In terms of details, the iQOO 8 Pro's width is limited to 75mm, taking into account the one-handed operation and long handset holding experience. In response to the criticism of the curved screen, the curvature of the screen edge of the iQOO 8 Pro is designed to be more gentle, so that the normal grip conditions will not produce a cutting feeling and greatly reduce the chance of accidental touching of the screen edge.

In addition to the screen, phone size, iQOO 8 Pro in other easily overlooked aspects also pay extra attention to. The iQOO 8 Pro's top microphone design has been further optimized to give a slim but powerful visual experience, and this design also reduces the weight of the center frame. In addition to continuing the simple and elegant design of its predecessor, the micro cloud stage imaging system on the back of the phone uses a metal overhanging step design on the lens combination, which not only protects the lens but also enhances the sense of hierarchy and continuity of the rear camera arrangement, reducing the abruptness of the step break, while the white area below the lens module echoes the overall minimalist design, highlighting the iQOO The white area underneath the lens module echoes the overall simple design, highlighting the advanced and highly recognizable appearance of the iQOO 8 Pro video system.

Unlike the carbon fiber texture used in the track version, the classic red, black and blue design of BMW M Motorsport is recreated in the iQOO 8 Pro Legend Edition: red represents the passion and fervor of racing; black represents the pursuit of technological innovation; and blue represents the fun of exploring the unknown. In addition to being an inheritance of BMW M Motorsport design elements, it also highlights the iQOO phone's ultimate pursuit of speed.

Starting from iQOO 5 Pro, the addition of BMW M Motorsport elements on iQOO phones further enhances the racing design on iQOO phones. At the same time, with each iteration of the iQOO digital series, the phone's appearance in addition to the continuation of the design concept of its predecessor, often in the details and other aspects of the designer's thinking about motor sports, such as the iQOO 8 Pro on the metal pendulum lens design and the top of the body racing belt line design. Because of this, each iteration of the iQOO digital series of cell phones will give people a sense of both familiarity and freshness.

Texture: Racing steering wheel and track, presented in a different way on the phone

As with the continuity and innovation of the overall look of the phone, the same thinking is used in the texture of the iQOO 8 Pro Track Edition and Legend Edition.

As a high-performance material, carbon fiber combines robustness and processability, with excellent characteristics such as light weight, strength and corrosion/high temperature resistance, and is therefore widely used in the racing industry. The iQOO 8 Pro Track Edition continues iQOO's classic carbon fiber texture elements, further restoring the touch and experience of the racing interior.

It is worth noting that the iQOO 8 Pro's carbon fiber texture is presented through a special embossing process on the vegan leather back cover, and holding the iQOO 8 Pro is like holding a racing steering wheel to give a different sense of control. The iQOO 8 Pro combines the delicate touch of carbon fiber with a high degree of anti-slip and anti-fingerprint properties, highlighting its unique taste.

As a legacy of the brand's speed aesthetic, the iQOO 8 Pro Legend Edition does not simply retain the classic tri-color pattern design, but also has a new evolution in craftsmanship and other aspects.

The iQOO 8 Pro Legendary Edition's tri-color pattern is inlaid throughout the phone's rear shell and is supported by the new Texture on Plate (TOP) process. Thanks to this process, the iQOO 8 Pro Legendary Edition's rear shell can show special textures such as shiny dots, and the surface of the tri-color stripe elements are more metallic with the support of this special process.

In addition to the tri-color stripe area, the iQOO 8 Pro Legend has a unique sandstone texture on the back of the case after a special coating, which collides with the unique metallic tri-color stripe elements, making the back of the iQOO 8 Pro Legend look like the shadow of a high performance race car speeding past on the track. The texture of the back cover is reminiscent of the coarse surface of a race track, further illustrating the passion of motorsports: the real Bibo Burn.

On the iQOO 8 Pro, I just realized that the iQOO designers to strengthen the phone texture to open the "brain": the racing interior, racing steering wheel, the texture of the track in a more special way into the phone's rear shell, to do as mentioned at the beginning of the article: to give speed to the texture. Not only the details of the phone's appearance are more in place, but the phone's actual grip experience is also more surprising.

Xiaogang has something to say

The appearance of a cell phone should not just look good or comfortable to touch, but should also convey the cultural core of a brand to consumers. From iQOO initial to iQOO 8 series, each iQOO digital flagship phone in the appearance of design features, but these phones all contain iQOO cell phones on the racing aesthetics and ultimate performance of the relentless pursuit and high love, and this is exactly what iQOO 8 Pro and even iQOO cell phones want to deliver to users.