May Day holiday out of the wave? These small Tips to help you screen your circle of friends

Joseph NOV 27,2021

Wuhu ~ the long-awaited May Day holiday has finally arrived! I'm sure all of you have already packed your bags and plan to go around the country to play in the mountains or go back to your hometown for a good rest. But then again, no matter which way the partners choose to spend the May Day holiday can not do without a must, that is to take pictures to send friends.

When it comes to cell phone photography Xiaogang can be quite interested in. As a cell phone photography enthusiast, Xiaogang in this area of photography or slightly understand. So, how to use the phone to take enough attractive scenery blockbuster? The next small just to take their own landscape photos as an example to share with you some small Tips about cell phone photography.

Have a pair of eyes to find the beauty, do not be stingy to press the phone shutter

With the continuous development of cell phone rear camera module technology, the current cell phone can fully meet the user's daily photo needs, its image quality performance and color rendering power are not bad performance (except of course take a magnifying glass to see the sample). At the same time thanks to the cell phone photo "foolproof" operation, the user does not need to operate the phone like the operation of the SLR, which has also become one of the advantages of cell phone photography.

Equipment more portable, faster operation, the next depends on whether the shooter has a pair of eyes to find the beauty. Compared to studio photography need to take into account the lighting, the subject and many other factors, small just think landscape, humanities photography is more like "God's food": some special scenes encountered is encountered, photographed is photographed, almost impossible to copy 100%. Therefore, this requires the photographer to have a pair of eyes that can find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Take Xiaogang's recent photo "Cat on the beam" for example, this photo is the scene Xiaogang encountered when he was walking around the front gate of Beijing: in the evening, the evening sun has appeared, a cat scampered up the beam and walked cautiously forward against the sky, this is what Xiaogang wanted to present. Even though the lighting conditions were not good, Xiao Gang did not skimp on the shutter of his phone, because such natural and serendipitous scenes do not come across every day. Xiaogang did not dare to say how powerful this photo was, but at least he found the scene he thought was beautiful and recorded it, which was enough.

West Lake Boat Tour" by Xiao Gang

If it is too difficult to keep track of the whereabouts of the meow, then it should not be difficult to find the beauty of a famous tourist spot. If you happen to encounter a very good weather, and if you are lucky enough to also happen to be in a scenic spots, then do not be stingy to press the phone shutter. Of course, when shooting, you should also consider the time and weather on the impact of natural light, using all the factors that can be used. There is also the head before shooting to imagine the final film probably look like, know what content to present. Such as "West Lake cruise", Xiao Gang before shooting will observe the sky, water and other factors in advance, the mind will present a rough picture of the finished film: calm water, the distant boats and more distant mountains and evening sky. Feeling OK, shooting is done.

"Chongqing - Li Ziba" Xiaogang photo

Some people may say if there are cloudy or cloudy weather conditions, what should we do? Xiaogang think this situation is more test whether people can find those unusual beauty in time, including the beauty of color. As shown in "Chongqing - Li Ziba", the cloudy background makes the overall photo more gray, but the train leaving from Li Ziba station is very good to be the highlight of the whole picture, because the car has enough color presentation. (China Telecom beat the money!)

The scenery along the way is also very beautiful, remember to take pictures in time!

In addition to scenic spots, in fact, the road to the local area is also very "head shot", whether by plane or train is the same. Xiaogang think, record the beautiful scenery along the way sometimes than shoot the tourist attractions of those "fixed scenery" to have a greater sense of accomplishment.

I do not know if the partners have experienced in the high-speed train through the glass to shoot the scenery along the way, which just experienced for everyone first. Considering that trains often pass through some open land or farming areas, it is more likely to encounter some scenes that we do not see in our daily life on the train.

"Small House, Dead Trees, Wilderness" by Xiao Gang

Taking "Small House, Dead Tree, Wilderness" as an example, Xiao Gang usually finds a less dirty train window, observes the general scene first, leans his phone against the glass and stabilizes it. When some of the more interesting scenes into the phone screen we just need to quickly press the shutter. If the phone has a strong continuous shooting capability, you can consider using continuous shooting to compensate for the high failure rate of the final film.

"The Northern Wilderness" by Xiao Gang

Shooting trains on the train is also quite interesting, but only if you are lucky enough, because you do not know whether the railway line you encounter will be a train passing, how the front of the car facing. For example, "Northern Wilderness" Xiao Gang encountered a rather awkward situation: the train in the center of the picture is far away, but the locomotive is still visible otherwise the whole picture is rather monotonous.

"The Sky" by Xiao Gang

Why does Xiao Gang always like to lean against the window when flying? Of course, because the sky always has enough content to shoot. When night falls, in the airplane partners must open the blackout curtains, because the pure night sky is also worth recording one of the beautiful scenery. Normally in the city to shoot the pure night sky is very difficult to achieve, because the probability will be affected by light pollution. As presented in "Skyline", if we can encounter enough strange sky beauty, it is more important to use the phone to record, plus the "lonely" wing, the whole picture is more rich story.

Make good use of the reflection of the water

The surface of the water, from the lake to the sea to the water after the rain, can be seen as a natural mirror given by nature. We need to make good use of this "mirror" to present a beautiful picture.

"Qingdao Night" by Xiao Gang

If you use May Day to go to a seaside city, you can check online in advance whether there is a light show along the local coast, and use the sea to present a reflection effect at the same time if you can combine with the city lights to get a picture of light and strange.

"Forbidden City corner tower" Xiaogang photo 

If there is no excess debris on the water surface, and the weather is clear (early morning is very possible), then congratulations on meeting a more suitable point for shooting water reflections. Xiao Gang got up early to shoot "The Forbidden City Corner Tower", and checked the weather in Beijing in advance, so the conditions on the day of shooting were perfect, and the resulting photos were naturally better: the extreme symmetry and the purity of the image gave this classic scene its unique beauty.

"Evening on campus" by Xiao Gang

If you don't make it to the beach town, you can also look for standing water on the side of the road, which is perfect if it has just rained. We can try to squat down and let the phone as far as possible against the water to take a beautiful photo, but before shooting we must first have a general understanding of the subject, imagine the effect of the final film and then press the shutter. As shown in "Campus Evening", this effect can be completely rendered when there is a large area of water on the road, at this time we can also make use of elements such as pedestrians walking past in a hurry so that the picture is no longer monotonous.

Xiaogang has something to say

Overall, compared to the introduction of those cookie-cutter composition methods, Xiaogang feels that the core of cell phone photography is to help us record and remember those unforgettable moments in life and beautiful scenery, and to focus on a casual, casual, to be recorded in the center of the picture is good. The five-day May Day holiday also leaves plenty of time for all partners to meet and record the known and unknown beauty, Xiaogang here also wishes all partners an unforgettable May Day holiday, record their own beautiful moments.