May Day travel "life" secret: do the right steps to double the phone life

Clay NOV 26,2021

Just in time for the May Day holiday, the number of people traveling this year and a record high. Traveling outside is certainly happy, but always avoid anxiety for the phone power, or accidentally shut down without power, not to take pictures, not to pay, it will really affect the quality of travel.

Nowadays, the performance of cell phones is getting stronger and better, but the public still can not get rid of the battery life anxiety. Usually, we are at home or in the office, the feeling is not very deep, but once you go out, the battery is not enough to highlight the problem.

Especially when you go out to play, I believe we do not want to be "battery life" to sweep the fun, then you may want to follow me together to try these power saving tips, simple settings, you can double the battery life of your phone, the critical moment can also help you to relieve the urgent.

The first step to go out, the phone to full charge

First of all, before leaving home, it is best to fill up the phone in advance ~ and so on, is not think this sentence is very nonsense? Who goes away from the phone does not charge ah!

You really do not be so sure, to my personal experience, I do not know how many times because of playing with the machine too late and went straight to sleep, woke up to find their phone power is in a state of emergency. If you happen to be in a hurry to go out, do you think it's embarrassing?

iQOO 7 with 120W super fast charging

In this case, you can only "temporary Buddha's feet" with ten minutes to charge the phone to respond to an emergency, if their phones happen to support high-powered fast charging, it is worth being grateful for the work of eating a breakfast can also be charged a lot, if you meet iQOO 7 such a more fortunate, 120W fast charging is called "fierce", just a quarter of an hour phone power can be filled to the brim.

However, if you meet the iPhone, then you can only pray that you can charge as much as you can.

Start with the application, self-start, notification all refuse

Of course, for us on the go, regardless of whether the phone is fully charged or not, it is actually not enough to use. In this case, you still need to do some targeted power saving settings in order to improve the battery life.

For Android phones, the software starts itself is a very power-consuming background activity, and we are no stranger to this. In general, even if we do not use, some software will also be happy to frequently self-start, this behavior is bound to cause a lot of power consumption, so if you want to save a little more power, it is recommended that you close this feature.

For example, in my own habits, I usually disable all background activities except for a few social software such as WeChat and Nails, which need to keep themselves started so as not to miss important information.

As for how to turn off self-start, the method is actually very simple. The straightforward way is to search for the "Self-launch" option in "Settings", which can be found in most Android models.

As for the iPhone, although we all know that Apple is very strict on the management of software products, and there is no such thing as self-starting, but there is actually an "application refresh" option in iOS, you can also go to "Settings" when using --You can also go to "Settings" - "General" - "Background App Refresh" to adjust.

iPhone 12 notification

As with app self-starting, the constant pop-up app notifications and message pushes also consume a certain amount of power. The key is that most of the notifications are useless, either ads or news, which are annoying and power-hungry, so it's better to turn them off in advance.

The way to do it is as simple as going to "Settings" for Android and searching for "Notification Management", then you can change it according to your own habits after clicking into the management page.

The phone is running out of power, screen control is more critical

Speaking of the consumption of power, if not deliberately to brush APP, the application itself does not consume enough power to make the phone battery life is greatly reduced, the reason why the phone power consumption is fast, but also closely related to the screen.

There is no doubt that a phone with high brush support, in terms of battery life, it is difficult to compete with products that do not support high brush, not to mention the screen itself is a major power consumer. So, if you have an urgent need to improve the level of cell phone life, you need to sacrifice a little personal experience, the screen parameters can be adjusted as low as possible.

The first thing you need to adjust is the screen refresh rate and resolution, such as 120Hz for 60Hz, 2K resolution to 1080P and so on, although it will affect the visual perception, but really very power saving. In addition, you can also properly reduce the screen brightness, especially when outdoors, if necessary, auto-dimming should also be closed. Auto-dimming on, the phone will always be in a high light state during the day, very power hungry, and frequently adjust the brightness, the phone continues to work will also increase power consumption, you can directly set the screen brightness in the lowest possible comfort value, does not affect the viewing is good.

Another point that we often ignore is the wallpaper function, dynamic wallpapers must be more power hungry than static wallpapers, some phones not only have dynamic wallpapers, there are "super wallpapers", and invariably add a lot of pressure to the battery life.

system features off off, power saving mode on on on

The system level, we can do more, such as turning off Bluetooth, WiFi. out and about, these two functions will rarely be used, so the shutdown, the same applies to location services and NFC and so on. Of course, each person can be set according to their own circumstances, such as the usual Bluetooth listening, or NFC bus card, these two functions can also be turned on when needed.

In addition to these most basic system settings, cloud services, cloud synchronization is also a function that is often overlooked. Cloud service was first introduced to prevent data loss, through this function you can always synchronize some important information, photos, videos or files. In general, if this feature is not closed in advance, the phone is automatically synchronized by default when connected to data or WiFi, and it will waste a lot of power to open it regularly. It is also recommended to turn it off when the phone is running out of battery or when the battery life is not enough.

Apple iCloud cloud backup

The specific operation, different cell phone cloud services off the way in fact there is no big difference, Android can be in the "Settings" search "cloud synchronization" or "cloud services", enter the cloud services After the management page, we can manage different applications. Of course, we can also find the relevant settings in some APPs. iPhone needs to find its own account in Settings, enter and click "iCloud", like Android, users can also adjust for each APP, and you decide whether it needs to be synchronized or backed up.

Finally, most mobile systems actually provide a power saving mode. Compared to setting it yourself, the power saving mode is a little more convenient and quicker. When you turn on the power saving mode, it will limit the phone's performance and disable some functions, such as reducing the application background push frequency, adjusting the screen brightness, reducing the screen resolution and refresh rate, etc. It is still recommended to turn it on when you are out and about.

MIUI Super Power Saving

In addition, individual models will provide a more aggressive "Super Power Saving Mode", a feature that is very strict on the management of background programs, basically "killing" all power-consuming programs, retaining only the most basic communication capabilities and some of the available applications. If the phone is about to shut down, and can not immediately charge, it is recommended to directly turn on the super power saving mode, only to retain information, calls, mobile payments and other basic functions, equivalent to a relatively low-power standby state, in exchange for the increase in battery life.

Finally, a word.

Although they are some power saving tips, but the key moment can really play a big role, at least will make your phone in the battery life is no longer so stretched. Of course, these practices are still very sacrificial experience, if you do not want to do so, then the best way is to prepare a large rechargeable treasure, do not mind its size, carrying inconvenience, critical moments can really be "life-saving". In addition, keep a good habit of charging at any time, high speed rail, restaurants, hotels, ready to charge, so that when playing, not to be disturbed by range anxiety.

These are the tips I have compiled for you to save electricity when you travel, in general, the purpose is just "off the word trick", all turned off, naturally, also save electricity. As for the specific methods, are also in the text, if you know a lot about the phone, these operations are actually not difficult to you, but if you usually pay less attention to this area, then I hope this article can help you during the holidays.