Money to buy iPhone I do not want to domestic is the most fragrant

Devin SEP 02,2021

According to non-professional channel news, iPhone 13 will be officially released on September 13, September 17 on sale. A lot of new technology, 120Hz high brush may be on, but these are not the key, if I choose, domestic Android is the most fragrant existence, money to buy iPhone I do not enter, let alone no money ...

iPhone 13 is rumored to shrink the bangs

The iPhone has always been the leader in the smartphone world, configuration, performance and so on are very good in all aspects. However, the high price is also an important factor that makes me not to consider the Apple iPhone. The current flagship Android phones in the actual experience will also be quite a lot higher than the iPhone, such as Xiaomi MIX4, iQOO 8 Pro, etc. These top Android flagships to the top iPhone 13 Pro Max price is certainly quite low, which is also a big reason why I will not consider the new iPhone.

In addition to the price, we look at domestic cell phone research over the years "black technology", although the actual experience may not be as good as imagined, but dare to push the new spirit is still very powerful. Take the under-screen camera, ZTE premiered after the Xiaomi MIX4 followed, like this kind of technology, iPhone is impossible to take out with.

There is also the issue of battery life, iPhone battery life has been a major pain point for users, obviously Pro Max version has been so thick and heavy (200g +), but Apple still does not want to bring up the battery life, heavy use of half a day a charge this thing must have been a lot of users complained about.

Let's look at our domestic flagship, iQOO 8 Pro can be said to be pulled full of fast charging: 120W wired + 50W wireless flash charging, while supporting up to 10W wireless reverse charging. According to the actual test (click me to watch) with the 120W charging head included in the package, charging from 0% to 100%, iQOO 8 Pro only took 18 minutes, which is very fast for the large capacity of 4500 mAh. The battery life is also equally reliable. iQOO 8 Pro achieved 42% power remaining in a 5-hour heavy-duty battery test.

And, fast charging pull full can not weaken the experience - there is a demand for smoothness of the screen, 120Hz high brush to meet you; there is a demand for power consumption, can be freely switched between 1Hz to 120Hz LTPO technology to meet you; there is a demand for clarity of the screen, 3200x1440 2K resolution can also meet you. Want to bright screen can not be too power hungry, E5 light-emitting materials to help you achieve.

On this technology, Apple users will have to wait at least three years to use it, right?

Back to the original topic, the current Xiaomi MIX 4 and iQOO 8 Pro two top Android flagship only about 5000, and in contrast, Apple's current flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max is also up to 10,000 yuan, how to choose, I think we are clear about it ~!