OPPO and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) enter into a partnership to support the power of the new generation of youth

Clay SEP 02,2021

OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd (OPPO) announced a one-year partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to implement OPPO's brand mission of "Technology for People, Good for the World" and support the Youth Creativity Challenge to provide a new generation of young people for the sustainable development of the United Nations. OPPO has announced a one-year partnership with the United Nations Development Programme.

From August 23rd to 27th, the 4th Youth Creators Challenge was successfully held online, which was co-organized by the United Nations Development Programme, China Song Qingling Youth Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Center and Citi China, with the aim of encouraging the youth of today to come up with innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions using existing technologies. As one of the key activities of the Youth Co-creation Lab, the Young Creators Challenge has reached out to the entire Asia-Pacific region.

In the end, eight outstanding entrepreneurial projects were selected to receive a total of RMB 300,000 from OPPO's "Xiao-Ou Youth Innovation Award". These eight teams also had the opportunity to represent the Chinese young entrepreneurs group to participate in the 2022 Asia Pacific Youth Co-creation Lab Summit and discuss with outstanding young entrepreneurs from 24 other countries and regions how youth can promote the achievement of sustainable development goals through social innovation and entrepreneurship.

OPPO has always been committed to empowering youth growth and innovation, with a particular focus on youth development in the fields of technology and the arts," said Liu Lie, Vice President and President of Global Marketing at OPPO. As a leading global technology company, we are pleased to work with UNDP to empower youth through social innovation and entrepreneurship, and support youth to solve climate issues through technology. In the future, OPPO hopes to further collaborate with UNDP to empower youth to help sustainable development through more diverse ways together."

Mr. Davide, Acting Representative of UNDP in China, urged young people to keep three words in mind in their future endeavors: "innovation", "inclusiveness" and "sustainability". He said, "As future leaders and change-makers in the fight against climate change, the actions of young people are crucial."

As a peer and guardian of youth dreams, OPPO has always believed in the power of youth and has long focused on and supported the unique role of youth groups in addressing sustainable development issues, providing them with more opportunities and resources. On International Youth Day 2021, OPPO launched a video creation competition with the theme of "Youth and Sustainable Development" to encourage influential campus content creators to call for youth participation in climate action, sustainable production and consumption, gender equality and other sustainable development goals from an innovative perspective. OPPO has also long supported young people to showcase more contemporary and personalized expressions with works that combine art and technology. Since 2019, OPPO's global youth creative program Renovators has been held for three consecutive seasons, supporting young artists to call the public's attention to issues such as ocean conservation and the environment in an innovative way by combining technology and art. The program has become an innovative stage radiating from more than 10 countries, 30 cities, 50 art universities and covering more than 1.5 million people.