OPPO's first folding screen phone exposed: scrolling screen is coming

Borg SEP 02,2021

There is an important news in the cell phone industry this morning: OPPO's new machine with internal folding screen has entered the scheduling table, should not wait too long. And the new machine will also use the same iPhone 13 LTPO screen, can switch any 1-120Hz refresh rate, and effective control of power consumption.

Previously OPPO had shown a folding screen phone, the machine uses the external folding design, not only can be used on both sides, open more into a larger screen, the visual experience as well as the operating experience closer to the flat.

In addition, in last year's OPPO future technology conference, OPPO officially launched OPPO x 2021 scroll screen concept machine, the machine uses a stepless OLED flexible scroll screen, the smallest 6.7 inches, the maximum can be up to 7.4 inches.

If it is really a scroll screen, then it does subvert the current form of folding screen phones, but the price is still a mystery.