Samsung 240 trillion won "smashed" to the semiconductor TSMC can still top?

Borg SEP 02,2021

Core Research Institute news, with the recent dividend period of the semiconductor industry, in Q2 just became the world's first semiconductor giant Samsung, and has a big move.

Recently, Samsung publicly stated that it will invest 240 trillion won ($205.64 billion) in the next three years to enhance its position in artificial intelligence, semiconductors and other fields.

So is this huge investment plan a threat to TSMC? China's Taiwan Institute of Economic Research gives three points to consider.

According to Taiwan's Economic Daily News, the Taiwan Economic Research Institute analyzed that TSMC is expected to remain firmly in the leading position of global foundry considering three aspects: process technology leadership, having heavyweight customers and overall technology blueprint realizability.

On August 13, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong was officially released from prison on parole, and Samsung's future investment trends have raised industry concerns. In the foundry market ranked the top TSMC, as well as after the Samsung Intel will be more threatened also caused by multiple speculation.

In this regard, the Taiwan Economic Research Institute researcher Liu Pei Zhen said that Samsung has confirmed that the 3nm process will be delayed to 2023, TSMC 3nm process will enter mass production in the second half of next year as scheduled, so although Samsung will invest heavily, in fact, the process technology is still behind TSMC.

In addition, Intel has become TSMC's number one customer for the 3nm process, and there will be other heavyweight customers, including Apple, in the future. TSMC's 2nm process is also expected to enter mass production in 2024, and TSMC is currently higher than Samsung and Intel in terms of overall technical blueprint achievability.