Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3|Flip3 5G launched in China

Ada SEP 02,2021

    On September 1, 2021, Samsung Electronics held the Galaxy New Product Launch in China, launching two folding screen smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, as well as bringing a new generation of Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series smartwatches, Samsung Galaxy Buds2 wireless headphones and other Samsung Galaxy eco-smart new products. Through this series of new Galaxy eco-smart products, Samsung will bring consumers a richer, more diverse and personalized cutting-edge technology experience, helping consumers to connect more closely with each other and enjoy a customized smart lifestyle in the era of open innovation. The launch event officially announced the price of the national version of the new Samsung Galaxy, and also announced that the entire line of new products will be officially launched on September 10. Samsung cell phone brand spokesman Chen Kun also came to the scene to witness the launch of the new Galaxy products.

    Samsung Electronics Greater China President Choi Seung-sik Announces Samsung GalaxyZ Series New Products

    "Today, technology has become an important link to connect us to each other, and a new era of "openness" has also arrived. Diversified and personalized connected experiences will be our new path to the future." Choi Seung-sik, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China, said, "Samsung is ready and raring to go. The new generation of GalaxyZ series will once again shake up the past, bringing breakthrough experiences that change traditional visual perception and unleash efficient productivity, while also inspiring people to embrace a more open life and re-imagine more possibilities for the future."

    Craftsmanship forges the pinnacle of craftsmanship

    Samsung has always been committed to bringing meaningful products and innovative experiences with user experience at the core. The new generation of Samsung Galaxy Z series adopts more exquisite craftsmanship, which greatly enhances the durability of the folding screen phone, and coupled with the always outstanding quality, will bring consumers a more long-lasting companionship.

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G are the first Samsung folding screen phones to support IPX8 level of water resistance, allowing users to use them on a daily basis without fear of water immersion. In addition, the new "armored aluminum" material, ultra-tough Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus™ glass, and PET protective film on the internal home screen enhance the durability of the two new models from the inside out.

    Thanks to the new material and hinge dustproof fiber technology upgrade, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G have a thinner and lighter body, significantly improving the portability of the phone. In addition, both products have undergone rigorous durability testing and have been certified by Bureau Veritas to withstand up to 200,000 openings and closings.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3|Flip3 5G

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G: Folding newborn opens up exciting future

    The folding screen phone opens up a whole new category of smartphones, and its disruptive large-screen experience can help users handle office work more efficiently and unleash their creative inspiration. In the new generation of folding screen phone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Samsung brings the S Pen and the new UDC UnderDisplay Camera technology to the folding screen phone for the first time, providing users with a more immersive large-screen experience and fully unleashing the productivity of the folding screen.

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G supports two S Pen models for large screen writing, the exclusive Samsung S Pen and S Pen Pro. Both S Pen models feature a special design with a retractable Pro tip and pressure-sensitive control technology to provide users with a comfortable, natural writing experience and better screen protection. Based on the new vertical interaction mode, users can also use the S Pen to take quick notes while video conferencing. In addition, Samsung also cooperates with WPS to make document editing and browsing efficient and effortless through the large screen, and supports new functions such as screen casting speech, cell phone teleprompter, S Pen doodling, watch control PPT page turning, etc. Moreover, users who book and purchase Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G will also receive one year VIP rights of WPS for free.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G also introduces more cooperative applications to achieve wider multi-window application coverage and unleash the large-screen advantages of folding screen phones. Based on the new split-screen view function of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, it has been adapted with more than 30 mainstream news, social and shopping applications to further enhance the user experience.

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is not only a highly efficient productivity tool, but also has a strong performance. Equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 high-performance processing chip, it supports high-speed dual SIM 5G and Wi-Fi6 network, and the internal main screen and external screen are equipped with the second generation dynamic AMOLED screen, which supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, bringing users an immersive visual experience while enjoying a smooth and smooth control experience.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Samsung's exclusive S Pen for folding screen phones

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G: Foldable design in the palm of your hand for a colorful social life

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G features the iconic vertical folding design, which is the size of a powder box when folded. The exquisite appearance of "in the palm of your hand" with powerful functionality and playability makes it a premium choice for users who love social life and pursue portable experience. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has a 6.7-inch (right angle) enhanced ultra-thin flexible glass folding screen and supports 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which not only makes the visual effect smoother, but also allows users to enjoy the new experience of folding screen without worrying about the power. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has a 1.9-inch smart and dynamic external screen, which is about four times larger than its predecessor, making it more convenient for viewing information or playing music. The external screen snapshot function allows users to turn on the camera by simply double tapping the power button to record life's exciting moments anytime, anywhere. Users can also customize the screen to match their Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series smartwatches and other devices to express their individuality.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G continues the fashionable and bold design language by hiding the rear camera and outer screen in black glass, creating a clash of colors with the body color, either bold and spontaneous or elegant and dreamy. Users can also choose from the popular finger ring silicone case or lanyard silicone case to further show their style tastes.

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G brings innovation to the experience through its highly recognizable folding form. With the new upgraded vertical interaction, it allows users to complete the corresponding operations in a variety of mobile application scenarios such as taking photos, watching videos, and live streaming without the need to hold the phone. The newly upgraded dual-screen preview and auto-composition functions will also help users to present more professional works and become a powerful helper for "shooting + collecting likes" in social life.

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G

    Join hands with industry partners to create a high-quality ecological experience

    At present, the Samsung folding screen phone has been optimized for more than a thousand applications that are used by users on a daily basis. In addition, the Samsung Life Assistant is also newly launched in the form of a floating window to provide users with convenient scenario-based reminders and quick application switching portal, allowing users to enjoy a more comfortable and convenient folding screen experience. In the newly launched Samsung Music Service, this time also in collaboration with the version of fun company, will be rich and diverse music works to the majority of users.

    In order to achieve long-term smooth use of the phone, Samsung OneUI 3 is equipped with AI system acceleration engine 7.0, which significantly improves the speed of application launch and solves the problem of system fragmentation caused by long-term use, in which the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold35G has even obtained the 36-month system anti-aging level 5 certification from China's Thiel Laboratory. In addition, Samsung and Baidu have once again joined forces to bring Baidu Net Disk Samsung Edition, which can provide users with up to 2TB of storage space, which still includes no less than 5GB of storage space for original videos. At the same time, the two sides will also start more in-depth cooperation in areas such as family photo albums and search experience improvement.

    SamsungPay has developed intelligent card selection function for traffic card and door card, which can help users swipe cards without manual card selection in different scenarios, and supports swiping cards on the rest screen; the new transfer function for traffic card allows users to transfer the balance of the old traffic card when changing the phone, further meeting the needs of users in various aspects of daily use.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series

    Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series: A more intimate smartwatch experience

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series includes the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4Classic watches, with their striking iconic silhouettes and increasingly slim and stylish shapes, as well as a more intimate smartwatch experience through a variety of upgraded health features. The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic features a classic physical rotating bezel and a high-end stainless steel case in two sizes: 42mm and 46mm.

    A healthy lifestyle has now become a common pursuit for the whole society, but health standards vary from person to person, so body monitoring data can be an important reference for people to pursue health. Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series is equipped with more comprehensive health functions, which can very easily measure body composition data including body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, body water 12131415 for users to manage their health goals. When sleeping, the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series upgraded sleep monitoring function16 can monitor blood oxygen levels in real time and record snoring with a smartphone to help users reap better quality sleep.

    As a brand new start for Samsung smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch4 series has upgraded and expanded processor, screen and storage space, and is equipped with WearOS operating system for the first time. This platform combines many Samsung premium services such as Bixby Voice and Samsung Health with many popular third-party applications. Users can experience third-party apps (Alipay, Goudong, QQ, QQ Music, Himalaya, Baidu Maps) pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series, and get a richer selection of apps through the Samsung App Store to expand the usage scenarios.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds2

    Samsung Galaxy Buds2: Immersive sound enjoyment

    As Samsung's new generation of wireless headphones, Galaxy Buds2 gives users immersive sound enjoyment with balanced sound performance, long-lasting comfort fit, advanced active noise cancellation and real-time interconnection with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and watches.

    Samsung Galaxy Buds2 has three sets of microphones and a built-in voice pickup unit for clearer calls and sound quality. Support for ANC active noise cancellation allows users to immerse themselves in music, video and games, and when users want to hear outside sounds, they can adjust the Samsung Galaxy Buds2's three-level ambient sound option. The two-way dynamic speaker enables clear highs and thick lows for superior sound performance, and six different equalizer settings match different users' listening habits and preferences.

    As the most compact headset in the current GalaxyBuds series, Samsung Galaxy Buds2 features the signature curved design and supports seamless headphone connectivity. With its long-lasting battery life and expressive and stylish appearance, it can be integrated into the Galaxy ecosystem to provide an immersive sound experience that allows users to express their personality and interpret their charismatic selves.

    To bring technology and fashion together at a deeper level and to meet the needs of many trendsetting consumers, Samsung has once again teamed up with ThomBrowne to attach a more iconic design to the new Samsung Galaxy, taking the combination of quality craftsmanship and visual taste to a new level of fashion. Whether it is the white matte back panel, silver hinge, or ThomBrowne's signature color elements embedded in the body, they all create a distinctive fashion taste and bring consumers the unique temperament and distinctive personality that belongs to Samsung and ThomBrowne only. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G Thom Browne Edition has a suggested retail price of $25,499, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G Thom Browne Edition has a suggested retail price of $16,499, and the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Thom Browne Edition has a suggested retail price of $5,799. The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Thom Browne Edition will retail for NT$5,799 and will be available for purchase in mid-October.

    At the launch event, Mr. Chen Kun, the brand spokesman of Samsung cell phone, also came to the scene. As a well-known actor, Chen Kun has brought many familiar classic works to the audience, and the wonderful presentation of these works are inseparable from his continuous polishing of his acting skills and perfect portrayal of characters. In addition to his acting career, Chen Kun is passionate about public welfare, and he has taken physical actions to provide public welfare support for more areas and people, and hopes that more people can participate in a variety of public welfare causes. It is also because of these two aspects, and Samsung has always been a high degree of exploration of technology and the importance of public welfare, which led to this joint venture with Samsung.

    Samsung cell phone brand spokesman Chen Kun

    Samsung has always been doing everything to better serve consumers. Through innovative technology and open cooperation, Samsung is constantly exploring and breaking barriers to create a more diverse and personalized experience for consumers. At the same time, Samsung will also pay more attention to the promotion of global environmental protection and sustainable development, both energy-saving technology and