Stable and all-around test of Honor Magic3 Pro four main photography and imaging system

Clay SEP 02,2021

Glory released the latest annual flagship Magic3 series this month, is the Glory brand collection of cutting-edge technology ultra-high-end flagship, containing Glory's vision of the future of cell phone technology, the continuation of the Glory AI and imaging advantages, and join hands with Hollywood colorist, "to create extraordinary image capabilities", which is not only the original vision of Glory is also the present everyone Let's explore how the four main cameras equipped with the glory Magic3 in the photo of the outstanding performance!


The rear camera module on the back of the Glory Magic3 adopts the innovative design of the "eye of the muse", which incorporates multiple main cameras in a circle, symmetrically arranged and neatly centered, giving a sense of balance and harmony. Honor Magic 3 uses the physical recess principle to bring light together in the center of the camera, as deep as a sapphire. Like a container of light, it gives the lens a more natural and rich light source.

Under this huge rear module, the photo strength of Honor Magic3 Pro is naturally not to be underestimated. The strong multi-primary camera system with Honor's new computational photography capability brings a very excellent image experience.

Glory Magic3 Pro is equipped with 8×8 dToF laser focusing system to achieve a wide range of accurate focusing and improve the overall focusing performance of the camera. And the first HONOR Image Engine image engine to maximize image capabilities and bring users accurate colors, rich details, and extremely sharp photos.

Honor Magic 3 Pro is also equipped with a quad-primary camera system, and the depth of its ultra-wide angle also allows more content to appear in the picture, and this visually stunning sense of impact.

Honor Magic3 Pro is equipped with a computational photography system on a new computational photography platform that can be heterogeneous with different chip platforms and plug-in integration of chip capabilities to maximize image capabilities.

Glory Magic3 Pro uses the latest night algorithm can be in the default mode to shoot a film with excellent perception, when the night mode is turned on, can be for exposure generated by the halo, highlights overexposure and other details for further processing, so that the image perception is more pure, excellent hardware and software algorithms combined with each other to play a different image than the high level.

Of course, the simple sample display may not be intuitive enough for the phone's image strength. Therefore, we chose Apple's current strongest image flagship, and everyone's favorite benchmark product, iPhone 12 Pro Max, as a comparison to see how the Magic3 Pro's overall performance is.

Main Camera Competition

The first is the main camera of the two products.

The Honor Magic3 Pro comes with a 50MP F/1.9 main camera with a 1/1.56-inch large base sensor.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 12MP F/1.6 main camera.

The imaging performance of the main camera is the public's first impression of the phone's image performance. From the comparison samples, the Honor Magic3 Pro has a better shadow performance in the distant out of the forest, accurately restoring the color state of the current scene, the perception is closer to the scenery seen by the naked eye, and the details of the Magic3 Pro are more delicate after the picture is enlarged; iPhone 12 Pro Max appears The iPhone 12 Pro Max is over-optimized, the white balance is a bit blue, and the brightness of the trees in the close up scene is on the high side.

Because Magic3 Pro has "AI photography" on, the details are clearer, the light and darkness are softer and enough details are retained; iPhone 12 Pro Max has a brighter overall effect, although the first glance is good, but unfortunately the details are generally retained.

However, overall, the performance of both products in the main camera did not "shrink", except for the slight difference in the detail tuning and color orientation, both products remain in the first line of standards.

Super Wide Angle Competition

Next is the ultra-wide angle part of the two products.

The Honor Magic 3 Pro comes with a 13-megapixel F/2.2 ultra-wide angle lens.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 12-megapixel F/2.4 ultra-wide angle lens.

The glory Magic3 Pro is more realistic, the sky is not so bright, the color of the river is not so transparent, the reflection of the willow trees on the shore in the water is clear, in the overall smear control, glory Magic3 Pro control is better, do more clean. The previous "realist" Apple has instead become a "heavy makeup": although the iPhone's ultra-wide angle sky is more blue, the grass on the shore is greener, but the picture as a whole does not look natural.

In the complex indoor environment, Honor Magic3 Pro's performance is a little more outstanding than outdoor, the tree branches in the picture are more colorful and vivid, the artistic sense is excellent, and the part blocked by the tree branches, the artwork placed in the shelf outline is clear, despite the strong outdoor light, the indoor dark performance is still excellent, showing a strong out of the project resolution; in contrast, iPhone 12 Pro Max not only On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro Max not only has less vivid colors of branches, but also has less than excellent indoor light suppression.

As you can see, in the ultra-wide angle part of the two devices hardware gap has been reflected. The Glory Magic3 Pro has a better picture resolution and tolerance than the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Although the iPhone's ultra-wide angle is wider in perspective, but taking pictures is not just as simple as the wider the better.

Telephoto Competition

Telephoto: Honor Magic3 Pro comes with a 64MP F/3.5 telephoto lens that also supports OIS optical stabilization, 3.5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 100x digital zoom.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max features a 12-megapixel F/2.2 telephoto lens that also supports OIS optical stabilization, 2.5x optical zoom (magnification), and 12x digital zoom.

The telephoto section is probably the most immediately noticeable difference between the Honor Magic 3 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max: we don't need to say much to tell the difference in image quality between the two phones that is visible to the naked eye. Whether it's the detail of the image, the color performance or the texture of the building walls, the Honor Magic3 Pro's own excellent hardware with new computational optics allows it to get a far more informative picture than the iPhone on a tenfold zoom photo.

IMAX ENHANCED certification Algorithm multiplied with hardware

In terms of software, Honor Magic3 Pro is equipped with its new self-researched computational photography platform-HONOR Image Engine, which serves to heterogeneously construct different chip platforms to maximize software and hardware performance; by deconstructing algorithms and combining software and hardware, it separates out the strategy engine and reconstructs the image process to allow greater efficiency and form its own The image engine is a combination of deconstruction algorithm and hardware and software, separating the strategy engine and reconstructing the image process to maximize efficiency and form its own signature image style and real color reproduction ability close to nature.

Glory Magic3 Pro is also the world's first phone to pass IMAX ENHANCED certification, working with the famous Hollywood film team to create eight exclusive tones, the addition of Magic-Log format can retain more image information, providing more space for post-creation, AI tone recommendation can be the user shooting the scene intelligent matching and recommending the appropriate style of LUT. This effectively reduces the threshold of shooting and produces more professional video material.


From the actual shooting results, the Honor Magic3 Pro color reproduction ability is more natural and realistic, with its own color mixing style, with higher pixel sensor, more detailed performance; with independent algorithms, the fineness of the photos and picture resolution is also very good / in most scenes, the Honor Magic3 Pro can steadily output excellent sample photos: whether This is perhaps the real charm of an "image flagship" - stable and versatile.