Supply exceeds demand Galaxy Z Flip3/Fold3 increase in production by fifty percent

Johan SEP 02,2021

Zhongguancun Online News.

According to reports, Samsung display folding panel production capacity, from the annual production of 17 million groups to 25 million groups, Samsung's Vietnam factory in Beinh has launched expansion plans, will add three production lines, the goal of the end of this year or early next year full mass production.

At Samsung's Jingdong flagship store, the number of reservations for the Galaxy Z Fold3/Flip3 models combined has exceeded 700,000, with the Flip3 accounting for the majority. In view of the pricing of the two models is not expensive (currently on the Samsung website, the minimum starting price of Flip3 is 8599 yuan, the minimum starting price of Fold3 is 15999 yuan) can have so many reservations also proves that the strength of these two models is hard enough. The Samsung Galaxy Z series China launch will be held tonight at 7pm, so don't miss it if you're interested in the folding machine and other goods in the series.