This must not be greedy to cry: iQOO 8 series of these new features really thoughtful

Johan SEP 02,2021

The development trend of the smartphone industry in the past few years does not seem to be as rapid as in previous years. All of them are in the crazy pile of material at the same time, the phenomenon of homogenization of cell phone hardware is increasing day by day. So now consumers in the choice of a cell phone is concerned about the cell phone hardware at the same time, it seems to be more and more important cell phone operating system.

If the hardware of a cell phone is its skeleton, then its operating system is the soul of the phone. Steve Jobs once said, "We do everything just to put the system into a beautiful box inside." Not long ago iQOO released the iQOO 8 series of phones, it is equipped with Origin OS developed by Vivo, which aroused my interest. As a perennial use of the iPhone as the main machine I, hands on iQOO 8 Pro scratch the unlock interface, "good guys, this is not the widget on iOS 14?" But when you think about it, when iOS 14 launched widgets, weren't they all saying that widgets were copied from Android?

When I really experienced it, I realized that Origin OS "widgets" are really different from those on iOS. Instead of clicking on the widget to open the application and then operate it, the "atomic components" can control and operate the application directly compared to the "widgets".

iOS widgets and atomic components

These atomic components also form a personalized desktop layout. It is worth noting that, in addition to the personalized atomic components, the "arrow" symbol will appear in the bottom right corner when you long press the application, and you can freely design the size and shape of the icon to change between four sizes and shapes, 1×1, 1×2, 2×1, 2×2, which the designer said was inspired by the Chinese folk game "Huahua". The designer says the inspiration comes from the Chinese folk game "Huarong Dao", so the flexible grid layout is called "Huarong Grid".

In addition to the full personality, the second feeling I got from the Huarong grid desktop architecture is "simplicity", in the trend of design simplicity, all manufacturers are trying to find ways to design a simple and beautiful operating system, and I think Origin OS design is the most bold, directly cut off the application name at the bottom of the application, the desktop as a whole looks like a row of neat shelves The desktop as a whole looks like a row of neatly arranged shelves, which is not only simple and beautiful, but also extremely OCD friendly.

Long press on the blank space of the desktop can still show the app name

On the desktop, in addition to these desktop features and interaction logic, the most notable may be the "behavior wallpaper" function. In recent years, there have been a lot of manufacturers working on wallpapers, but for me, Origin OS's "behavioral wallpaper" is probably the most attractive to me. After setting the "Garden Walk" behavioral wallpaper, the wallpaper will gradually bloom according to the daily step count set by the user, which can be as little as 4,000 steps or as much as 10,000 steps, and the flowers on the wallpaper will gradually bloom when the goal is reached. It is understood that the flower blooming animation also uses Hollywood movie special effects technology, making the process of flower blooming more realistic, the picture is more detailed. Although it's just a simple interaction, it conveys the concept of "every step is a big progress" and gives me a reason to take two more steps.

iQOO as Vivo's main gaming performance sub-brand, of course, also used Vivo's Multi-Turbo technology, the technology integrated Center Turbo, AI Turbo, Net Turbo, Cooling Turbo, Game Turbo, ART++ Turbo, including six kinds of The "Turbo" technology solves the problems of game frame drops, network delays, and phone heat dissipation. In the handicraft circle, the reputation is quite good.

Origin OS has optimized Game Space for this problem. When users have recently opened Game Space and launched a game, Game Space will automatically update the game silently in WiFi environment, so that the next time you play the game, you can open it and play. At present, it supports most of Tencent and NetEase games.

From Funtouch OS to Origin OS, Funtouch OS, which has been trolled for so many years, has finally gained a new life, and this upgrade can also be said to be a metamorphosis of the Blue Factory system upgrade. "Origin OS not only reshapes the desktop function and interaction logic, but also puts a lot of effort on user experience, and at the same time, it has made a lot of efforts on personality and simplicity. I want both the fish and the bear's paw.

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