Volume production difficulties 3nm process A16 chip or delayed volume production

Devin SEP 02,2021

Core Research, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- TSMC is confirming production delays for its 3nm chip, also known as N3, according to a Seeking Alpha report. This means that mass production of the A16 bionic technology expected to be used in the 2022 iPhone 14 series has been delayed and Apple will have to use the previous generation's node instead. The source also revealed that the mass production of TSMC's 3nm process will be delayed by up to four months. TSMC has also confirmed that their mass production time for this process will be delayed.

It was previously reported that TSMC is pushing ahead with mass production of the 3nm process, with plans for risky trial production this year and formal mass production in the second half of next year. After Apple, the second largest customer for 3nm is Intel. Although a newcomer, Intel will soon be taken care of by TSMC, with at least four products that will use 3nm, including three designs for the server segment and one for the graphics segment.

AMD is also an important customer of TSMC in these two years, but to think of using the 3nm process, at least until 2023, according to the progress should be 3nm Zen5 architecture processor, will be the successor to next year's 5nm Zen4 processor, the desktop version should be the Rex 7000 series.